1. Family style, obviously. (at Parker’s Barbecue)

  2. #home (at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

  3. food52:

    Korean barbecue jerky? Into it.

    How To Make Salty-Sweet Bulgogi Jerky at Home on First We Feast

  4. barbecuebros:

    A short, 2 minute profile on Scott’s Bar-B-Que created by the “Just Right” tourism campaign for SC. Has some insight into Scott’s smoking process as well.


  5. factsandchicks:

    Salting fresh pineapple reduces the “acid burn” effect you get after eating too much of it and it makes the pineapple taste sweeter.


    Facts and chicks FTW.


  7. C’s parents came up yesterday and made us this recipe from maybe-definitely-racist Paula Deen and I have to say, this one’s a keeper. C’s mom added a bit of bacon and balsamic—you should, too, if you like.

  8. Best Beers for Your Food

  9. Spicy Sausage Omelette

    First ingredient: a hangover.

  10. Can you waffle it?

    Watch Buzzfeed cram manufactured foods in a waffle iron!