2. C’s parents came up yesterday and made us this recipe from maybe-definitely-racist Paula Deen and I have to say, this one’s a keeper. C’s mom added a bit of bacon and balsamic—you should, too, if you like.

  3. Best Beers for Your Food

  4. Spicy Sausage Omelette

    First ingredient: a hangover.

  5. Can you waffle it?

    Watch Buzzfeed cram manufactured foods in a waffle iron!


  7. food52:

    Sweet, salty, smoky — a perfect summer side dish.

    Recipe: Sweet Corn & Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers on The Kitchn

  10. food52:

    Snacking made easy — and cheesy.

    Parmesan and Herb-Baked Chickpeas on The Kitchn